mehtohseeniwi- (  Live
Basic Forms
Myaamia English
meehtohseeniwiaani I live
meehtohseeniwiaanki We (excl.) live
meehtohseeniwiyankwi We (incl.) live
meehtohseeniwiyani You live
meehtohseeniwiyiikwi You (pl.) live
meehtohseeniwici/meehtohseeniwita He / she lives
meehtohseeniwiciki They live

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
iši meehtohseeniwiyankwi aatotamankwi we talk about how we live (expression of 'history')
eehkwa oowaaha meehtohseeniwiyankwi We still live here

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