ahtehsam- (v.tran.inan)  Paint it
Basic Forms
Myaamia English
eehtihsamaani I am painting it
eehtihsamaanki we (excl.) are painting it
eehtihsamankwi we (incl.) are painting it
eehtihsamani you are painting it
eehtihsameekwi you (pl.) are painting it
eehtihsanki he / she is painting it
eehtihsankiki they are painting it

Command Forms
Myaamia English
ahtehsanto you paint it!
ahtehsamooko you (pl.) paint it!
ahtehsantaawi let's paint it!

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
šaaye-nko ahtehsamani Did you already paint it?
iihia, šaaye eehtihsamaani Yes, I already painted it
ahtehsanto aweehsikaani Paint the barn!
noonki eehtihsamaani niimhkikantaakani I am painting the fence now
eehtihsanki ahkolayi He paints his robe

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