ahkawaapam- (v.tran.an)  Watch over him, watch out for him, take care of him
Basic Forms
Myaamia English
eehkawaapamaki I watch over him / her
eehkawaapamelaani I watch over you
eehkawaapamiyani you watch over me
eehkawaapamaci you watch over him / her
eehkawaapamici he / she watches over me
eehkawaapamehki he / she watches over you
eehkawaapamaaci he / she watches over him / her

Command Forms
Myaamia English
ahkawaapami you watch over him / her!
ahkawaapamilo you watch over me!
ahkawaapamiko you (pl.) watch over me!
ahkawaapamaataawi let's watch over him / her!

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
teepi-nko-hka ceeki kaahkiihkwe ahkawaapamaci kihšiima can you watch over your younger sibling all day?

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